Not a “Happy Anniversary”…


Seven years today… that’s how long I have been married. Every year since my wedding day I have celebrated this day.  No more.  One year ago today I last saw my mum alive.  I spoke to her and brought her water… I adjusted her covers on her bed, closed the window because she was chilled, [Read More...]

To the man responsible for my mum’s death…


Dear Paramedic (name withheld), On the 24th February 2014 it will be a whole year since I saw your face, and a whole year since I last saw my mum alive. I was married on the 24th February 2007, and the time I walked in to her bedroom last year to find her catastrophically ill, [Read More...]

“What’s it like to have a child with Down’s syndrome?”


This is a question that has come to me by email, through the Future of Down’s contact form.  It’s a question I have been asked countless times in one way or another and I have always struggled to answer it – not because its a difficult question, but because if I were to ask the [Read More...]

My gorgeous Seren…

Beautiful Seren 3yrs old

I have been so proud of Seren over the last few months – having Down’s syndrome doesn’t stop her from doing anything, it just takes her a bit more practice and effort to achieve her goals.  Her determination is such an asset to her development and over the last months we have seen some amazing [Read More...]

The Day Kyan Met The Wiggles

Kyan and his favourite people - The Wiggles

On Saturday 19th October, we went along to Dreamworld with the plan to see The Wiggles live in concert. We were able to access a special show at 9:30am as we are passholders (unlimited access to the park all year round). We could not believe the crowds outside the park at 8:30am! And they kept [Read More...]

Things I Love About Kyan

Kyan and I

Things I love about Kyan. The way he shouts ‘mum’ in the morning when he wakes up. Then puts his arms out for a cuddle , and gives me a big kiss. When he is sat at my feet in the shower, and he grabs the bodywash, pumps it onto his hand and washes his [Read More...]

This is a “must see”…

A father who did everything he could to get his wife to abort their baby because she tested positive for Down’s syndrome, watch his story. WATCH HERE – CLICK   Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

Happy 2nd Birthday Kyan!

Kyan thinks he can smash every cake after his smash cake for his first birthday!

On the 27th August, our gorgeous little boy turned 2. It was Kyan’s first Australian birthday so we had a few celebrations for him and he was spoilt rotten. We went to Sydney for the weekend before his birthday (kids fly free before they are two!) to celebrate with our Aussie family. We had more [Read More...]

Questions about Seren & Down’s syndrome

Seren is very much a part of our community… she is known and loved by many. For so many of my friends and their children she is simply Seren, a part of the woodwork and accepted.  But time will pass and kids will grow up… questions will arise, she will meet new friends, come across [Read More...]

Pre-Natal Diagnosis of Down’s syndrome – Meet a Member of FoD


Hi everyone. This is the story of Charlotte’s journey. She is the joy in our lives. Second to the day she was born, my second happiest moment in life was the 27 July 2011 as that was the day we were told I was pregnant. Colin and I had being trying for a baby for [Read More...]