Living in Australia, we are not sure if the support we receive for Kyan  is more or less than what we would have received in the UK or how different things might be. So I thought I would write about some of the things we do with Kyan to help with his development and some of his favourite toys that have helped him achieve milestones.

Stacking and Knocking things

This has got to be one of Kyan’s favourite things to do. He is not so fussed on the stacking part and usually requires (shouts and points) one of his mummies to stack a tower for him, but he really loves to knock it down and send things flying! At first he couldn’t hold on to anything long enough to build a tower but now he is able to grasp things and place them on top.

Kyan stacking cups





Felt Board

We use this as a fun way to choose songs to sing to Kyan (but can be used as a communication tool for other things). It is something that is used at musical therapy and he loves it when it is his turn to choose.  At musical therapy they start with only two choices and build up to more.

Kyan loves choosing his own songs.

Piggy Bank

This toy has helped Kyan with his fine motor skills. He wasn’t interested at first as he found it difficult to place the coins in the pig, but now he likes it. We started by placing them in the slot for him, and he just pushed them in. Now he is able to do it on his own.

The piggy bank is great for fine motor skills.

Motorised car

This is the toy that got him walking and more recently – crawling! It is also good for his fine motor skills as the buttons are quite small (it was only $6 from Kmart!). He really concentrates when he pushes the buttons and he even knows which way to place the car for it to go forwards. He pushes the button and signs ‘go’. Once the car has gone he chases after it. He also likes sending it into things (toys, books, mummy).

One of the motorised cars we have bought for Kyan. This is what got him moving!!


We are lucky living here with the weather being so nice most of the time. We take Kyan to the park a lot and there are so many things that have helped him with his core strength and upper body muscle development.  It’s amazing how you break things down when you have a child with special needs. When we started with the slide, he would just sort of fall down to begin with.  Then we started holding his tummy for him to try and keep him upright. Then when we were brave enough (it always takes the mummies longer to be brave) we let him go on his own. The first time he held himself up we were thrilled. We clapped and cheered like crazy. The other parents in the park just didn’t understand the huge milestone our son had achieved.


His favourite slide.












Other than that we just keep doing anything we can to help him. Not only does Kyan have intervention from different professionals – physio, speech and language, OT (only 2 appointments so far), he also goes to the chiropractor (our choice), plus get support from different groups here – Baby Bridges being one of those. We are very lucky. On top of that, he also has mummy Lauren at home with him every day, doing everything she possibly can to help him achieve his milestones.  We are so proud of what he has achieved so far.

We love our little man so much!