The Day Kyan Met The Wiggles

On Saturday 19th October, we went along to Dreamworld with the plan to see The Wiggles live in concert. We were able to access a special show at 9:30am as we are passholders (unlimited access to the park all year round). We could not believe the crowds outside the park at 8:30am! And they kept coming!! So many adults, little kids and buggies!!

The Wiggles in full swing.








The Wiggles appeared right on time at 9:30am and the look on Kyan’s face was priceless! He was in awe. We didn’t know if he would recognise them or not (he does watch them EVERY DAY) but he certainly did! They did a half hour show and were joined by the other characters as well. The crowd loved them and the new Wiggles did an awesome job.

The look on Kyan’s face when he saw The Wiggles!












As they left the stage there was quite a long walkway they had to go down. We went down towards the end and managed to catch Emma (new yellow Wiggle). She came over and said hi to Kyan. I asked her if she signed (I read somewhere that she could) and she said yes and was excited that Kyan knew sign language. She spent some time chatting to us and signing away to Kyan. We were a bit star struck!

Emma signing to Kyan.









Lachy (new purple Wiggle) also walked passed and stopped to say hi to Kyan. I told him Kyan loved it when he falls to sleep (Kyan loves signing ‘sleep’) and right on cue he fell asleep! He then ‘woke up’ and gave Kyan a high five.  We were thrilled at how friendly they were and how they took the time to talk to all of the kids (and star struck parents!). We hung around for the second show  at 11am and Kyan fought off sleep to hear/see them again.

Our new family pic!








At 2pm they did a ‘meet and greet’. We weren’t sure exactly what this would be but lined up with the crowd. Each family got a turn to sit on a bench while the Wiggles posed behind for photos. They were all very friendly and, although they worked quickly, they still took the time to say hi to everyone. We were waiting on our bench (one of three) and they walked behind us to get to another family first and Kyan stood up on the bench and shouted at them all! He then stuck his hand out and high-fived each of them as they passed. And there was us thinking he wouldn’t recognise them!

Kyan and his favourite people – The Wiggles












We got a lovely photo with the Wiggles and managed to have a quick chat with Emma again. She was very impressed that Kyan could sign both BSL and Auslan. He went straight to her for a photo  – and Kyan doesn’t EVER go to women he doesn’t know. He just about goes to women he does know! I guess in his little head, he does know her – he watches her every day! We all had such a great day and can’t wait to see them again in December!